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Welcome To Our Young Years

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Starting a blog has been one of those tasks I've put on my "things to do" list every year since 2012 - and every year life gets in the way or I get started only to feel discouraged.

"I don't have anything to write about."

"Will people even want to read this?"

"My layout sucks."

"Who cares that this is what I did this week?"

"This doesn't look like a professional blog." -and the list goes on.

Then one day I realized that none of that really mattered; The only thing I needed to do in order to be a "blogger" was to write in a blog. So, in January of this year I purchased the domain to Our Young Years and hoped that it wouldn't be a waste of $85.

Nearly four months later, I've made it to my sixth post, which definitely isn't a lot, but is more than I've accomplished in my previous blogging endeavors AND since you're reading this, it means I've mustered up the guts to actually share it. Huge milestone!

Since creating this space, I've slowly been piecing the site together, cultivating things to write about, figuring out how to make my iPhone photos look "blog quality" (and majorly failing) - but that's okay!

Several years ago, when I initially started daydreaming about blogging, I envisioned a lifestyle/home decor/DIY blog. Hundreds of people would read it a month and I'd eventually be able to quit my job and work from home - or anywhere in the world, as a full time blogger. Dream big, kiddo.

Somewhere along the way (I'll attribute it to maturing) I realized that was absolutely NOT realistic for me. I don't own a space that I can decorate and renovate freely, I am way too cheap to spend money on products and clothing for the sake of a post, and I've never finished a craft project in my life. Plus, I just don't think any of that is actually authentic to who I am or what I'm about.

These days I'm much more realistic. I'm keeping my intentions to just sharing more in depth pockets of our life that go beyond the scope of Instagram. It's snippets of what Leigh Anna and I are up to, things I'm loving, peeks into our travels, and how I'm feeling. My mentality has morphed from creating for other people in hopes that someone will read it, to creating for myself while welcoming the opportunity for community. Consider it a public journal.

If you checked out my very first post titled 2019, you'd know that in January I pick a word to set my intentions around for the new year. This year I chose "do" to encourage myself to put more action into the things I want to achieve. Something about that very small word and the self realization that I'm missing out on opportunities really kicked my booty into gear. Between focusing on goals, shifting my mindset, and removing the pressures of things looking or being a certain way - it's been really easy (and enjoyable) to start working on this project.

If there's anything I've realized since the beginning of this year, it’s that if you want to be a writer then just write. If you want to be an artist, go paint or draw or whatever your medium is. If you want to be a runner - run. It doesn't have to start perfect and it doesn't even have to end perfect. You just have to get out there and do it.

Work with what you've got and don't forgo experiences just because you don't think you're enough.

With all of that said, I welcome you to Our Young Years.

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