• Brooke Callan


2018 may have been the most mediocre year of my adult life thus far.Nothing exceptionally life changing happened, but it wasn't bad either.

I'm considering 2018 to have been the slow buildup of your favorite song right before it gets to the good part. I could call it a Kylie Jenner year, as I spent a lot of time "realizing things" and self reflecting on whether or not my actions were aligned with the future that I want for myself.

I didn't achieve most of my goals that I had initially set out for, but honestly, throughout the year my aspirations started to shift and the things I had my mind set on in January of 2018 are so different from where my head ended up in December - and that's okay.

While I had a lot of great moments, I don't feel like I achieved anything in 2018. However, I think this "year on pause" was exactly what I needed to get in tune with myself and realize that it's okay to completely scratch a plan. We're allowed to let go of expectations we set for ourselves in the past and start brand new.

Going into a new year, I'm making resolutions but I'm keeping them loose. In 2018 I felt uninspired, unmotivated, timid, and honestly- lazy. I didn't feel good where I was, but also wasn't sure of what to do about it.

2019 is about switching gears and pushing myself past my own fears, inhibitions, and feelings of inadequacy. It's about biting the bullet and buying a new car already, going back to school, changing careers, doing things that give me purpose, and making myself more valuable in my own eyes.

Every January, I pick a word or phrase to set my intention for the new year. This year, I'm going with the simple, two letter "Do." I'm seizing all opportunities that resonate with the true me. I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone. I'm living more authentically. I'm creating for myself. And ultimately, I'm putting real action into doing, having, and achieving everything I want.

Here's to doing 2019.



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