• Brooke Callan

Learning To Live With Less

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The end of the year presents so many opportunities to be grateful for what we already have, yet somehow we all get suckered into buying things we don’t necessarily need .

This year, in an attempt to keep clutter to a minimum and reduce my contribution to landfills, I’ve made it a point to be more intentional with what I purchase.

Obviously that’s not always easy when there are at least three seemingly solid reasons as to why I NEED a new serum, throw pillow, coffee mug, or whatever my little heart desires on any given day.

There’s a reason they say mindfulness is a practice.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist and I’m definitely not (yet) immune to the inevitable Target impulse purchase, I’ve learned to consider the practicality of what I’m buying and the message it sends.

“Do I need this?”

“Am I trying to fill a void right now?”

“Does this improve or add value to my life?”

“Is this good quality and/or sustainably made?”

“Does this serve more than one purpose?”

“Will this be in style longer than one season?”

Slowing down and putting conscious thought into the function and ethics of the things I’m buying has given me a new perspective on how much money I’ve wasted on impractical or trendy items just to throw them away later.

(Like the $30 teal lipstick I bought when Melt Cosmetics released ‘Blitzed,’ which I was only gutsy enough to wear a few times around the house.

Or the rug I bought based on Pinterest inspo that wound up being more hot pink than dusty red; A truly unfortunate way to learn that I’m a neutrals gal.

And R.I.P to all of the gimmicky knick-knacks that I “had to have” or things I bought solely because they were on sale that I wound up barely using.)

Choosing to live more intentionally has allowed me to genuinely appreciate the things I own and has given me a sense of self-worth that Amazon Prime can’t deliver, honey! There’s a power that comes with knowing you don’t need to buy in to what everybody is selling you.

As Black Friday and Christmas approach, consider checking your wish list twice and nixing anything that you won’t realistically miss after the hype of holiday shopping has worn off; Challenge yourself to silence the "wants" and embrace the principle of living with less. 


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