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Three Years Later: An Open Letter

Three years ago today we "re met" at a party after what I'll refer to as a four year friendship hiatus - and we were immediately inseparable. The next morning we woke up on an air mattress in the middle of our friend's living room and, in true lesbian fashion, were in love. (But like, for real, for real.)

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Since then, you've filled my life with so much joy and opened the door to opportunities that I feel like never would have happened otherwise. Year three was no exception.

This time last March, we were ringing in our second year as a couple in New Orleans. We took the Natchez down the Mississippi River, listened to jazz at Prohibition Hall, fed marshmallows to alligators from a swamp boat, ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and spent time roaming around the French Quarter.

A few months later, we took our first "solo" trips to New York (and beyond). We weren't actually alone, but in the company of good friends. I stayed state side to experience the thrill of NYC and Coney Island's Mermaid Parade while you hopped the border to Canada to see Niagara Falls with your sister.

For labor day weekend, you whisked me off to Savannah for a surprise birthday trip. Boy, were we surprised when we arrived to our hotel only to find that our room had been given away and all of the neighboring hotels were also occupied. In pure panic, we were both calling and searching through booking websites trying to find a hotel room at 9 PM. Neither of us realized that Savannah was such a hot Labor Day destination. Everywhere we called was booked. After about an hour of searching we finally managed to snatch up a room. It was right on River Street and even better than our original place. Was it worth the fear of sleeping in the car for the night? I'm not so sure, but it definitely felt like a stroke of luck .

For once, we didn't have an itinerary, so we spent our time casually wandering River Street, stopping at antique shops along the way. We breezed through all the parks, took a trolley ride, lounged at the beach, and had an amazing vegan lunch at Fox and Fig Cafe. It was definitely my favorite birthday so far.

We closed out our year of travel with two weeks in Thailand, which was so full new experiences that it's going to have to be its own series of posts. (Read about days 1-5 here)

In between mini vacations and international excursions, we did a lot of smaller things around our own city and in our household. I started a new job, we hung out at Atlanta Pride, bought our first Christmas tree, finally replaced your bed from college, volunteered at an animal sanctuary, saw James Blake in concert, cooked a lot of vegan food, and both decided to go back to school.

I am forever grateful for all of the moments that led up to the night we reconnected. Your presence has added more joy, value, and adventure to my life than I could have ever imagined. I'm looking forward to more travel, more experiences, more learning, and more growth in year four.

You're it.

XOXO, Brooke


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