• Brooke Callan

2020 Vision || A Resolution Guide

Updated: Jan 21

I'm a SUCKER for the New Year.

It's the ultimate opportunity for fresh starts, self improvement, and planning - which just really lights my Virgo soul on fire. Ironically, I'm stronger at the planning than the execution.

2019 has been full of achievements and growth in the right direction for me. In order to keep up the momentum I wanted to get clear about my goals and map out a plan in advance so I can start the real work as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

Here's a visual guide to getting clear about your resolutions featuring some tips I loved in 2019, things I hope to implement in 2020, and a few personal pieces of advice that I think we could all utilize in the new year. Enjoy!

This year I got three certifications through Coursera and Google Garage - and I started school. I did some major decluttering and really grasped mindfulness. I even had a few lunch/coffee dates with new friends.

For 2020, I want to challenge myself to do + be more: to take care of my body, to be a more present friend, and to just make things happen!

Here's to a new year!


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