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Brooke grew up in south Georgia, but once had an Uber driver peg her as a midwestern girl - whatever that means. In 2016 she moved in with Leigh Anna (See: U-Hauling) and has been happily living in Atlanta ever since. 

Brooke is a cat mom, cruelty free beauty enthusiast, thrift shopper, casual painter, target browser, and the girl behind the blog. 

She created Our Young Years as a way to share more about the things she loves and (hopefully) spark inspiration while allowing you to get to know her beyond photos and the scope of Instagram. 

Leigh Anna grew up in the outskirts of Atlanta, but moved a few hours south in 5th grade. "Worst year of my life," she says. Several years later she met Brooke for the first time in 11th grade Home Ec where they bonded over MTV's A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.

After high school Leigh Anna moved back north for college and eventually landed in Atlanta for work as a primatologist.

Leigh Anna is into traveling, freestyle soccer and running, wildlife conservation, reading, and music.

She's the "Instagram boyfriend" behind the blog and prefers to play behind the scenes role, but you'll see her around.

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